Arteriosclerosis is a disease process that occurs in arteries throughout the body. Overtime, areas of arteriosclerosis can show large amounts of fat accumulation, often with numerous cholesterol crystals, areas of calcification, and large amounts of fibrous scar tissue.


Hydrogenated oils play a key role in increasing your risk of arteriosclerosis.


Arteriosclerosis and Partially Hydrogenated Oils

How Transfats are Increasing Your Risk of
Heart Attack and Stroke

Welcome to and, websites that focuses on arteriosclerosis and how you can avoid this vascular disease. This is also the official website for the book Heart Attack and Stroke: The Science of a Man-Made Health Catastrophe. This website focuses on providing information about the health consequences of eating margarine and partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening. The safety of these chemically modified food items has been debated by scientists for more than 50 years. Before 13 years ago, the majority opinion was that there was no conclusive scientific evidence that these materials were harmful in a medically significant way.

However, in 1997 definitive data was published by a research group at the Harvard School of Public Health which showed that partially hydrogenated oils in your diet is the strongest predictor of the likelihood of developing arteriosclerotic heart disease. Peculiarly, in spite of this unambiguous and compelling data, the FDA, the federal agency charged with ensuring the safety of the food you eat, has been strangely lackadaisical about charting a path for removal of these metabolic poisons from our foods.

Until we as a people can convince the FDA to take action more insightful than just labeling trans fat content on food labels, you will have to become your own guardian of the safety of the food you eat.

This website is intended to give you the information you need to make the appropriate food choices so that you can take control of this medical issue. The topics listed below will give you background information to help you begin this process. All of this information is discussed in even greater detail in Heart Attack and Stroke: The Science of a Man-Made Health Catastrophe.